About Our Institution

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St. Paul School is a Co-ed School that took its birth in 2013, registered under Catholic Diocese of Indore.  The school intends to remain committed in facilitating quality and holistic education for enterprising young children living in and around Indore. It aspires to promote intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual values and physical well-being among the young learners. It aims to promote an optimistic learning environment that would foster excellence and mould the future generation to become appropriate collaborators in forming a knowledgeable society. The school is committed to working towards evolving a teaching-learning process and environment which would empower future citizens to become global leaders of a promising society. In all our endeavours we remember that Our Motto is ‘Loving Service’.

  • Emblem

The Lamp: The rays emitting from the lamp symbolizes the light of knowledge dispelling the darkness of illiteracy and imparting spiritual and Christian values.

The Globe: The globe in the monogram represents our mission to spread the light all over the world.